Meet Alison Road, The Spiritual Successor To P.T

Alison road gameIn April, a teaser/demo for a then upcoming and now cancelled Silent Hills game, titled P.T., was taken off the PlayStation Store, due to differences between the creative team, including Hideo Kojima. This lead to shock and indignation from fans and critics alike. Now, however, a small group of designers are creating Alison Road, what looks like a spiritual successor to P.T.

After already being Greenlit by the Steam Greenlight community, Alison Road tasks players with exploring a house and uncovering the secrets of supernatural events happening within. The main character wakes up with no idea what happened in the house and must figure out the mystery while being stalked by a creature.

However, Alison Road does have a catch; much like Five Nights At Freddy’s, players will only have five nights in the game, which they’d have to use in order to figure out the puzzle of what’s going on. In the prototype gameplay video that developer Lilith posted, which you can see below, the game clearly echoes P.T.

The character moves through narrow corridors in a house, the “enemy” is a girl-like figure that follows you through the hallways, and there’s even a PlayStation controller in one of the rooms and a phrase from P.T. written on a picture frame. You can find the sentence, “Dad is such a drag,” in Alison Road, which was said in P.T.

As mentioned above, the game was Greenlit on Steam, and reached this milestone after only two days on the site, showing that many fans are clamoring to get anything they can that may be similar to P.T. The fact that Alison Road looks amazing doesn’t hurt either. Since the game was Greenlit on Steam, the developers have announced that they will be taking the game to Kickstarter in order to finish off making the game. It is currently being developed for PC and Oculus Rift, and is slated to be released near the end of 2016.

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