Xbox One Scorpio: More Powerful Console Coming 2017

Xbox One Scorpio may be the rumored upgraded console we’ve been hearing about. Not only that, but there may be a smaller upgrade coming as well, literally.

Multiple sources are telling Kotaku about two new Xbox One models that will begin releasing this year. The first model is said to hit the market later this year. It will be a smaller, cheaper Xbox One. Even better, its hard drive will see an increase to 2TB. Try filling that one up!

A smaller form factor is something that has been asked for since the console was first revealed. The competing PS4 has always been smaller, more powerful, and did not require one of those ugly power bricks. This change is size really is what the doctor ordered.

Going beyond this year in 2017, we should expect a second model that will give the console a significant power boost. Codenamed the Xbox One Scorpio, this device will house a better GPU capable of handling 4K resolutions. This would cause direct competition with the rumored PS4K or PS4 Neo.

The only downside is that sources also say that there are no plans to increase the I/O speed of the console. This means that the jump in resolution could mean much longer load times.

Additionally, Microsoft may be seeking to further their partnership with Oculus. While they already provide controllers for the device, it seems like the Scorpio could support the Oculus Rift.

This is a lot to take in, and it could make the competition between Microsoft and Sony even fiercer. Is Microsoft going to take back their control over the market with the Xbox One Scorpio? Or is Sony going to pull even farther ahead with the PS4 Neo? With only a few more weeks until E3 2016, we can already feel the battlefield forming.
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