WATCH: Revelation Online Announcement Trailer

It’s no secret that we here at Nerd Much love MMOs, and we’ve certainly played our fair share of new MMOs over the years. Soon, we’ll have yet another new MMO to try out, as has blessed us with a Revelation Online announcement trailer for the west, showing off their massive multiplayer online experience.

The concept and art look absolutely brilliant, and, luckily, the game is already out in China, so there’s already plenty of gameplay for your viewing pleasure. In RO, players will discover a breathtaking adventure set in the fictional land of Nuanor, a vibrant world filled with ancient mystery. Players will use the power of flight to experience “absolute freedom.” According to the developers at NetEase, the second largest gaming company in China, it will be filled with “diverse content for any type and level of player.”

The game will have several PVP modes, sieges for up to hundreds of players, PVE raids, crafting, 5 and 10 player dungeons with three different modes (Easy, Hard, and God Mode), “multiphase bosses”, puzzle elements, and more. You can check out some Revelation Online gameplay on YouTube. And with that, we might have just become all too excited about Revelation Online.

As it stands right now, there isn’t a Revelation Online U.S. release date set.

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