No Street Fighter 5 Ultra, Super Editions Says Capcom

Street Fighter 5 ultraCapcom announced some pretty substantial news for the upcoming Street Fighter V during the Capcom panel at EVO 2015. Street Fighter 5 won’t require the purchase of DLC and all post-launch gameplay related content can be earned for free by playing the game.

Street Fighter V will be the first game in the franchise’s history that will allow dedicated players to earn all characters for free. Now, in Capcom’s own words: “Long gone are the days of forced Super and Ultra upgrades.” Balance updates will be free as well.

SF5 will launch with 16 core playable characters, with 4 characters being introduced to the series for the first time. Capcom says there will be new characters added to the roster on a continuous basis (which can all be earned for free).

Capcom noted that they want to change the way players interact with the series by creating an ever-evolving environment for players to enjoy so that the game and its competition never grows stale. Of course, that doesn’t mean that these players won’t be made available for a simple purchase, too, but this is at least a step in the right direction for the franchise. We’re sure we aren’t the only fighting game lovers that are tired of seeing Super Mega Ultimate Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition type stuff.

In order for fans to be able to earn characters, Capcom will introduce Fight Money into the franchise, which is a basic currency for players to earn through playing the game. On top of Fight Money, Capcom will introduce Zenny, a premium currency that players can only purchase with real money to immediately gain access to post-launch content.

While it’s still not a completely satisfactory outcome for the game, at least the characters can all be earned for free this time around. It would have been more commendable if Capcom made the game entirely without any currency, so that EVERYONE is forced to earn their characters instead of just buying them. Still, it’s great that there will be no Super Street Fighter 5 or Ultra Street Fighter 5 TURBO or anything like that.

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