Nintendo NX Cartridges: New Rumors Surface

nintendo nx cartridges**Update 7/26/16: We now have a massive leak regarding the Nintendo NX, which is a handheld with a TV dock.

Nintendo NX cartridges are becoming more and more of a reality. While rumors have already existed, additional evidence has surfaced. Goodbye discs!

According to NeoGAF user Atheerios, new evidence has been found within the US trademark listings. Current Wii U games include “video game discs” under there goods and services listing. Meanwhile, the Nintendo 3DS titles include “video game cartridges.”

As evidence of this, here are two examples below. The first is from Wonderful 101, a Wii U title. The second is from Triforce Heroes, a 3DS title.

nintendo nx cartridges

nintendo nx cartridges

Meanwhile, the existing trademark for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, shows something difference. While it will be available on both Wii U and the Nintendo NX, you would expect it to just include “video game discs.” However, the listing included below shows that as well as “video game cartridges.”

nintendo nx cartridges

This certainly adds some fuel to Nintendo NX cartridges being the new direction. Alternatively, this could just be a coincidence. The current listing for Ever Oasis, the newly announced 3DS title, also lists both discs and cartridges. We doubt that there is an unannounced Wii U version in the works. Instead, it seems like Nintendo has updated their trademark policy.

For now, all we can do is speculate on what may come. For further speculation on the idea of Nintendo NX cartridges, check out our previous article below.

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