GRIP Kickstarter: Futuristic Combat Racer

We’ve seen some truly awesome racing games hit the market in the past two years. Project CARSMario Kart 8, and Forza Horizon 2 are all incredible racers. But there’s been a vacancy in the arcadey, over-the-top racing games, as well as car games like Twisted Metal, where you can shoot with heavy weaponry at your foes. Now, GRIP, a new game on Kickstarter, aims to bring those two type of games together.

It looks like it’s F-Zero meets Twisted Metal meets Mario Kart, and it’s inspired by Rollcage games of 1999 and 2000. In development by Caged Element, GRIP is a new IP for a new generation of racing game fans. It uses Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 to create impressively well-designed maps and cars. In GRIP, you’re not limited to driving on a track laid on the ground, but you’ll also race on ceilings and walls, as well as anything else you can get your tires on, and you don’t have to worry about keeping your car upright, either, was your car drives on both sides.

GRIP game

The roster of cars will be manufactured by different companies around the galaxy. Each car has different specs, bringing a variety of strengths and weaknesses to each car. Some are heavily armored, while others are swift and agile. Each ride is customizable, and one of the stretch goals includes the release of modding tools, so players will be able to create their own pod racers cars.

As far as the maps are concerned, each map will take players to an exotic planet, including icy worlds, foreign non-terrestrial cities, lush jungles and more. Each race has a variety of possible routes to the end point, so players will have to make quick decisions.

Like Mario Kart, each race will include awesome pick-ups that offer a wide array of power-ups and weapons, including missiles, guns, traps, plasma cannons, and the developer will also be looking for fan ideas to include.

And there’s more than just a racing mode in GRIPGRIP will have a career mode, arcade mode, time trial, arena, precision, multiplayer and team-up (team arena matches or races). It is being eyed for the PC and PS4.

The concept art behind GRIP looks absolutely incredible, and to be honest, I’ve never been this excited about a Kickstarter game. There’s been a serious lack of these types of arcade racing games on the new generation of consoles, and we’re definitely hoping that this game gets its funding. You can back it on Kickstarter here. Seriously, go back it, because we NEED this game in our lives.

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