Overwatch Season Two Will Remove Sudden Death

overwatch season twoOverwatch Season Two looks to be making a few changes. After listening to fan feedback, Sudden Death will be removed with the update in favor of ties.

The news comes from an interview principle designer Scott Mercer had with PC Gamer. In the interview, Mercer confirmed that Overwatch Season Two would remove the Sudden Death mechanic.

“With the current competitive mode, players really don’t like the Sudden Death mechanic we have in place,” says Mercer. “The thought was that the coin flip, while it was a little random, would be balanced so that the chance for the attacker or defender to win would be really close.”

“But it turns out it wasn’t close enough and in some cases wasn’t close. We pulled back from that, decided that, hey, for season two we’re going to remove Sudden Death and allow for the concept of ties to take place.”

Currently in Overwatch, Sudden Death occurs when the match ends in a tie. Players then have two minutes to try and capture a single. Whoever takes this point wins. The problem comes from whether your team is attacking or defending, which is decided by a coin flip. Players believe there is a certain advantage to attacking or defending depending on the map.

It’s great to see that Blizzard is listening to fan feedback and taking it so seriously. We’ll have to wait to see how this all plays out in Overwatch Season Two.

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