Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops Can Be Requested

pokemon go gymsPokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops can now be requested! Finally, those people in the middle of nowhere have hope. Unless they reject your proposal.

For some people, Pokemon Go Gyms can be harder to come by. For others, they seem to only be located at churches. If you have a better location idea for a Gym or a Pokestop, you can now send your requests directly to Niantic for review.

By visiting the Pokemon Go support page, you can fill out a form to request a new landmark. The form asks for the reason, type, name, address, and possibly coordinates and photos.

Keep in mind, requesting a new stop in Pokemon Go, does not guarantee that it will be accepted. Niantic is also shying away from making any actual homes into a stop. For now, all requests will be passed on to their “business development team and if they are interested they will follow up directly.”

Thanks to their last game, Ingress, Niantic already had plenty of locations to load directly into their hit Pokemon game. Still, this is a great way to possibly add other notable landmarks that have either been missed or are just that new.

Have you become a Pokemon Go Gym leader yet? What’s stopping you? We’ll be outside catching more Pokemon in the meantime.

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