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Nerdmuchdotcom – Twitch Twitch-a-thon 1 Year Anniversary!

While Twitch is not our focus just yet, we’re going to slowly begin growing it and streaming more so that our readers can have an opportunity to interact with us live. We are currently focused on our written content and YouTube vids, but we play a lot of games throughout the week, so why not come hang out with us while we do so?

More From Nerd Much?:

Weekly Schedule (Subject to Change):

Wednesdays 9:30PM EST – 11:00 EST:  (Bobby)
Fridays 10PM EST – ?: (Liz)
Various rando streams, too!

Games we might randomly throughout the week:

The Culling
Street Fighter V
Killing Floor 2
Moon Hunters
Stories: The Path of Destinies
Portal Knights
World of Warcraft

From Around the Web

From Around the Web
More from Nerd Much?

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