Rollercoaster Dreams to Release for PS4 & PS VR in October

Those looking for a purely fun experience for the PS VR should prepare themselves for something so obvious that we can’t believe it wasn’t announced alongside the PS VR announcement, as a game by the name of Rollercoaster Dreams has been announced for PlayStation VR and PS4.

Rollercoaster Dreams is an amusement park management game along the lines of Rollercoaster Tycoon that is being developed by Bimboosoft, and it will allow players to not only build their own theme parks but also play in them. That means you’ll be able to ride your own rollercoaster creations, interact with theme park games, and even create and enjoy your own romantic evenings.

There aren’t many details available just yet, but we’re able to note a few things from the first Rollercoaster Dreams trailer. For one, the rollercoaster will have ratings regarding the number of people with memory loss, damp seats, how many people threw up, and the number of people missing, as well as the number of people who fainted on your ride. So, that’s cool.

One thing we now have to note is that the theme park genre of games is in a renaissance of sorts, with 2016 seeing the release of both RollerCoaster Tycoon World and Planet Coaster, as well as Parkitect being in Early Access on Steam. We’re all for it.

The Rollercoaster Dreams release date has been set for October 13, 2016, and stay tuned to Nerd Much for our review when the time comes.

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