Quake Champions Can Be Played Without Champion Abilities

Many Quake fans have shown their dismay for a Quake game in the style of a hero shooter like Overwatch, which is why some took to social media with fists pumping in the air following the Quake Champions reveal earlier this year. Now, it sounds like id Software will make a mode in Quake Champions that’s, well, champion-free.

Project lead Tim Willits has gone on to downplay the prominence and importance of the Champions in the game, noting that they’re more of an “additive thing”. He was asked if the developer would consider adding an option to turn off the Champions’ unique abilities so that players could have an even playing field of identical characters that just looked different. In his response, Willits says there will be custom game modes that will have the option to turn off Champion abilities.

“We want to make sure we give people what they want,” said Willits. “If you create custom game mode, you should be able to set the game up the way you want. If you need to turn off Champions, we’ll let you turn off Champions. That won’t be a problem.”

Unfortunately, the removal of champion abilities is only limited to custom game modes at this point, and they will be included in all of Quake Champions‘ competitive modes. Willits notes that players should give the Champions a try and not be too quick to dismiss the idea, noting that the “subtle variations add that level of strategy and depth that [he] thinks is the next step [they] need to take.”

If the backlash is strong enough, we wouldn’t be surprised if id added a competitive champion-free mode into the mix shortly after the game’s release.

Quake Champions release window is currently set for sometime next year, and for now, it’s one of our most anticipated upcoming games of 2017. There will be a Quake Champions beta at some point in 2017, too.

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