PS4 Slim and Neo to be Announced at PlayStation Meeting

PS4 slim photoOver the weekend, you might have noticed a slew of shady photos floating around the web that were (allegedly) photos of a new PS4 slim model that Sony was planning to introduce at the PlayStation Meeting next month. We didn’t report on the photos here at Nerd Much because we thought they looked a little too unrealistic for our liking. But despite the fact that the initial photos looked fake, it looks like the WallStreet Journal is able to corroborate the original leak, as their sources say that a PS4 Slim is on the way and it will become the new PlayStation 4 standard model.

What’s more, the new PS4 slim model will be introduced alongside the PS4 Neo, which we’ve known has been on the way for quite some time and fully expected it to be unveiled at the event. Now, WSJ says the PS4 Neo will, indeed, be introduced at the September event.

Interestingly enough, WSJ discovered that several e-commerce websites in Japan have actually run out of stock of the current iteration of the PlayStation 4, with many citing Sony limiting production rendering the PS4 currently unavailable through distribution channels.

As far as the leaked PS4 slim photos, themselves, we’re not too impressed with the alleged design of the PS4 slim. While it appears roughly 40% thinner than the original PS4 console, it’s worth noting that it’s not much smaller in length, which gives it an oddly flat look. Instead of sharp, cut edges, the slim will apparently have rounded corners.

There’s no word on a PS4 Slim price just yet, as the person who leaked the photos didn’t reveal where it was purchased or how much it was purchased for. We’ll undoubtedly learn more about it during the September PlayStation Meeting, so stay tuned to Nerd Much for the latest gaming news.

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