Revelation Online Closed Beta Coming October 2016

Some good news for MMO fans, as has announced an upcoming Revelation Online closed beta coming in October.

This morning, developer NetEase has spilled the beans on the first closed beta for the upcoming game, which we now know will include an early version of the beginning stage of the game. Players will also get their first hands-on with the rich character customization and their first taste of what exploring dungeons in Revelation Online is like.

Those who are interested in signing up for the Revelation Online closed beta can head over to the game’s official site and type in their details.

Revelation Online closed beta also unveiled the Vanguard class, which shows the archetype’s playstyle and abilities, which predominately are centered around melee combat. Instead of dealing burst damage, the Vanguard class will apparently take-on the role of tanking, protecting their group from harm. Their character design appears to have a lot of interesting abilities showcased in the trailer, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the class come beta time in October.

You can also check out the recently released RO classes trailer, which gives a brief glimpse at the classes we currently know about.

For more on Revelation Online, stay tuned to Nerd Much. We’re covering it closely here, as we’ve heard great things about the game overseas. Hopefully, it’ll be able to stand tall here in the U.S. in a market that’s still dominated by a 12-year-old game (not that we don’t love World of Warcraft also). We’ll give another update when we get a concrete closed beta date, but for now, stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest.

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