World of Wacraft: Rare Kosumoth World Boss Discovered

kosumoth bossOne of the most interesting things to happen to World of Warcraft in the past few years happened this week. No, I’m not talking about the release of the Legion expansion (although, we are super impressed with it). Instead, a treasure-hunting group has uncovered one of the expansion’s many deep secrets, the first to be found so far. The secret? A mega gigantic Old World boss called Kosumoth the Hungering.

Some WoWHead community members who were on the hunt for the Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippograph, an incredibly rare mount that hasn’t been seen since 2007, stumbled upon some strange orbs in their travels through hidden caves that contain mysterious orbs. To find these orbs, the players happened to notice a cluttered table next to a certain NPC that contained a makeshift map of the Broken Isles which contained the information needed to find the ten orbs. What’s more, these ten orbs — scattered about in various places throughout the region — had to be activated in a specific order to spawn the Kosumoth world boss, a silver rare elite.

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Unfortunately, the map didn’t give information on which order the orbs were to be activated, so the players had to collaborate to figure out the order on their own (and people say WoW is easy, huh?). But instead of finding the rare mount that they were looking for, instead, a gigantic Old God called Kosumoth the Hungering appeared on a desert island, creating a world event of sorts. In fact, every player near the boss was asked to come forth and take it down, despite their faction; Horde and Alliance players alike teamed up to kill Kosumoth.

The reward for killing Kosumoth? An incredibly rare Dweller jellyfish mount or a Hungering Claw tentacle battle pet (personally, I’d want the Dweller Jellyfish mount). Of course, it certainly seems like an easier way to get a cool mount when compared to that 2 million gold mount, the Bloodfang Cocoon.

To summon Kosumoth The Hungering, follow the steps outlined on WoWhead or check out the video below.

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