Pokemon Sun and Moon Getting More Ultra Beasts

pokemon sun and moonPokemon Sun and Moon keep getting bigger and bigger! With the latest reveal, there are even more Ultra Beasts set to appear in the Alola Region.

Depending on which version of the upcoming Pokemon game you get, your character will come across two different version of UB-02. With Pokemon Sun, you encounter UB-02 Absorption. Little is known about this Pokemon, but he resembles a weight-lifting mosquito. In Pokemon Moon, you’ll instead encounter UB-02 Beauty. Her design resembles more of a supermodel on the runway.

Whatever version of Pokemon Sun and Moon you get, you’ll still have a similar encounter. We don’t know much about these Ultra Beasts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Clearly these are insect Pokemon, but based on their visual differences, we can assume that their types differ. Absorption looks to be a Fighting Bug type while Beauty could be more of a Fairy Bug type. Since these types are strong against each other, this makes sense since it will keep them fairly even with each other.

We can hardly contain our excitement for Pokemon Sun and Moon. As we get closer and closer to release, November 18 feels farther and farther away. Which version will you be getting?

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