GTA Online Bikers Update Lets You Manage a Motorcycle Club

gta online bikers updateThe GTA Online Bikers update is coming. With it, you can live out your fantasies with your very own Motorcycle Club. Gather your friends and get ready to take Los Santos by storm.

With the update, up to eight players can gather and lead their very own Motorcycle Club. The GTA Online Bikers update brings various new roles from Fresh Prospects to Club President. You’ll really need to get into your roles if you want your Motorcycle Club to succeed.

Additionally, there will be new competitive and co-op gameplay, motorcycles, weapons, hair styles, tattoos, and other features. One of these new features includes the ability to purchase a Motorcycle Club Clubhouse with your own private mechanic. If bending the law is more your thing, you can even purchase venues for seedy business ventures.

Grand Theft Auto struck gold with the release of GTA Online. With it, Rockstar Games created a platform they could provide smaller updates for, keeping it relevant for years. Until the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, this will have to do.

Sadly, there is not a release date set for the upcoming GTA Online Bikers update. For now, we are just going to have to eagerly wait for it to come.

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