Playstation Plus October Games Revealed by Sony

playstation plus october gamesThe Playstation Plus October games have been announced! Whether you are nostalgic for classic cartoons or looking for a scare, Sony has it covered.

If you are looking for some scares this Halloween, then the original Resident Evil is perfect for you. Remastered in HD with an alternate control scheme, there is no better way to jump into the game that started a franchise.

After exploring such dark environments, you will need something bright and colorful. Transformers: Devastation is exactly what you’ll be needing. The original voice talent and writers from the classic TV series have teamed up with Platinum Games to deliver a heavy dose of nostalgia. Switch between five Autobots as you fight against the Decepticons and Insecticons to stop Megatron’s plans.

If these Playstation Plus October games aren’t enough for you, there are four more games coming between the PS3 and PS Vita. Racing fans can jump into Mad Riders for some ATV action. If you’re into builders, you might enjoy From Dust, where you are literally a god tasked with creating a civilization.

Additionally, you can jump into the Japanese game Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth~ or the emotional indie game Actual Sunlight.

Whatever your interests might be, these Playstation Plus October games look to be the strongest in months. Luckily we only have about a week to wait.

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