Skyrim Special Edition Has 600% More Mods on Xbox One than PS4

Skyrim Special Edition releases this Friday, October 28. Before its release, Bethesda is already accepting mod submissions. So far, there are far less on PS4.

skyrim special editionCurrently, there are 68 mods available for Xbox One and only 11 for PS4. That is just over six times the amount of mods. Playstation owners may be wondering why this is.

The difference is that Microsoft is allowing external assets while Sony is not. These are any models that are created and don’t already exist in the game. If you are a PS4 owner who was looking for some crazy mods to add a lot to your experience, you may have to look elsewhere. The majority of these 11 mods will simply make Skyrim Special Edition  more efficient or tweak it slightly with in-game assets.

Xbox One owners get to enjoy the real wacky stuff we want. Want a follower who has a Thomas the Tank Engine head? Got it. Dwarven railroads? Say no more.

What doesn’t help the situation is the limited space for installing these mods on the PS4. On Xbox One, you are given 5 GB to work with. On PS4, just a measly 1GB. On the bright side, most mods using existing assets fail to exceed 1MB, so you should have plenty of space for these kind of mods.

We were excited when Sony finally allowed mods for Skyrim Special Edition. However, if this is the compromise that had to be made, you can be sure that we will be picking it up for Xbox One instead.

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