The Future of eSports: Jaunt’s Virtual Reality

jaunt esportseSports are quickly sweeping the nation with a large number of gamers and fans who attend major events in the thousands. Probably many of us have watched some sort of professional gaming competition, or have entertained the thought of entering a gaming tournament. In fact, even sites like Fanduel are turning eSports into fantasy sports. eSports, like other sports, has quite a bit of money for participants, and thousands of fans who like to keep track and watch some of the nation’s top competitors.

For those who enjoy watching, a new form of viewing has just emerged, and it involves virtual reality.

If you have kept up with recent gaming news, virtual reality seems to be the next major focus or step towards next gen gaming. Titles are currently being made as well as headsets in which you can fully immerse yourself in a game by covering your eyes with a particular device. However, instead of virtual reality being a part of competitions for gamers, it is coming to life through Jaunt, a major VR company.

According to John Gaudiosi of Fortune, the ESL, otherwise known as the Electronic Sports League, has made agreements with Jaunt to film events in 360-degree angles, including major gaming events such as  League of Legends competitions. 

Gaudiosi’s article details how the filming would work, saying that the events will be filmed in many different directions. After this is filmed, it will be edited to create an immersive experience and be made available to all viewers that are interested.

The goal of filming the matches and tournaments is mostly for the viewers who cannot make it to the arena or competition, especially in the event of a sell out or a far away venue. Because it is filmed from multiple angles, interested viewers will more than likely get a feel of being at the tournament themselves, watching every moment as if they were sitting in a row in a stadium. This is also great idea for fans who may not be able to take the time off from school or work, can’t afford tickets, or even for those who went to the event who want to relive the experience again.

For fans or soon to be fans who plan to buy the Oculus Rift, Sony’s Playstation VR, or other future virtual reality headsets, Jaunt will have an application available for interested viewers.

The future is definitely bright for supporters of both professional gaming and eSports competitions. Perhaps this partnership will impact the future of virtual reality and next generation gaming, for both the player and the audience. The first virtual reality event will be filmed at IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) in San Jose, California.

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