WATCH: 40 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay From Ubisoft

In Watch Dogs 2 a secret hacking collaboration known as Dedsec is back and prepared once again to serve its own brand of justice by spamming their local CTOS systems with their messages and using it to recruit more members, both through hacking and vandalism. Marcus Holloway, is the game’s protagonist and one of Dedsec’s members.wd_media_screens-e3_roof_ncsa

Five days before its November 15th release PlayStation got together with Ubisoft Montreal to share forty minutes of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay. In it, viewers will see a more bright and colorful San Fransisco Bay setting, very different from the bleak Chicago streets in which the game’s predecessors took place. It even has its fair share of recognizable landmarks. However, while those might look familiar, every civilian looks unique as does each corporation. There is even one called Nudle that has the same vibe as Google which also has an office in San Fransisco. And your map in game happens to be Nudle Maps.

In the first Watch Dogs 2 mission, they show Marcus is trying to gather information that the social media company, !Nvite, to prove that they are attempting to rig the election. Players interact with certain parts of the environment, such as a crane, drones, cars, and security robots to solve puzzles. In the first mission, they also destroy a sign of Thruss running for president, with his red power tie. Hopefully, the reference is clear. Meanwhile, players will also get to interact with Marcus’ personal flying drone, which can scout but not physically attack. As far as attack goes, they highlighted the ways stealth, distraction, and technology played in it. Ubisoft estimates that if you rush through the story in the open world, the game could take between fifteen to twenty hours. However, tackling every mission could take between seventy or eighty hours. There will also be a live stream of the game the day before its release on Ubisoft’s Twitch Channel.

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