Watch Dogs 2 Pulls Seamless Multiplayer On Release

Things must be going poorly for Ubisoft when a user who accidentally gets a copy of Watch Dogs 2 a little bit early has to remind them that their game’s seamless multiplayer is not working so seamlessly.27430709642_f3a6942911_k

The day of release is not really the time to let people know that a feature you stressed would be innovative is not working and many people are wondering just how long it will take them correct this.

Those who pre-ordered Watch Dogs 2 may be disappointed that they did not receive what they paid for upon arrival. However, the problem does not affect the single player or co-op modes for those still considering purchasing the title. Ubisoft issued this statement:

“During the pre-launch phase of Watch Dogs 2, we were disappointed to discover an issue tied to the seamless multiplayer feature that caused the game to lag and crash periodically. In order to eliminate that issue at launch and for players to enjoy a smooth game play experience, we have decided to wait to launch the seamless multiplayer feature so it would not impact the core gameplay experience.

“To be clear, players can fully enjoy the entire single-player experience without any concerns. Additionally, co-op is still fully functional by inviting friends through the game menu. However, the Bounty-Hunter mode and other activities that would occur with other outside players who enter your game will be unavailable until the issue is resolved. We truly appreciate the patience of our player community.”

Additionally, the same buyer may be the first of many to have their PlayStation account temporarily suspended for sharing an image on Twitter through PlayStation’s dedicated sharing feature. The image showed how particularly detailed Ubisoft crafted the genitalia of at least one female npc.

While the game may include sexual contents in abundance both the PlayStation terms of service and the Watch Dogs 2 Code of Conduct state that sharing such images is against their rules. PlayStation’s reads “Do not share anything that is vulgar or use community features to harm or alarm anyone; Do not share anything that is defamatory or offensive (including anything racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive)” and Watch Dogs 2′s reads that posting or publishing “pornographic or sexually explicit content”in public forums, private chats or by other means is in violation of the Code of Conduct and both note that this can lead to permanent account suspension.

The ESRB classifies Watch Dogs 2 as Mature, stating it“contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.” But it also details the games use of pornography “The game contains some sexual material: a man selling child pornography over the phone (no sexual acts or nudity depicted); a strip club depicting pole dancers and topless women; brief instances of male and female full-frontal nudity (e.g., a woman in body paint; a man standing with a woman outdoors).” So take time and think before sharing.

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