What We’re Playing This Weekend: Nov. 18-20

There is no shortage of brand new games to play this week, but it should be no secret what we’re going to be playing this weekend: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. And for many, that means spending the entire day glued to their 3DS to catch ’em all. So, to get that right out of the way, most of the Nerd Much? team is definitely be playing it all weekend, and Liz will be sharing her initial thoughts with our readers this evening.

But there’s another gem hidden in the November video game release calendar that dropped this week, and it’s one that we had been looking forward to but entirely forgot about, ourselves, until seeing Jody MacGregor’s review-in-progress over at PCGamer pop-up in our news feeds. I’m talking about Planet Coaster, a little PC-only gem made by Frontier Developments that aims to scratch the itch for Rollercoaster Tycoon fans. I had some time with the game last night, and so far, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Who knows how long that’ll last, but I have a feeling it has some staying power, especially given the fact that there’s already a hefty dose of Steam Workshop blueprints and player creations (which I will dive into this weekend).

Other than that, this week also saw the release of some new Overwatch content that we’ll be jumping deeper into, but we’ve already played quite a few different arcade match types and think the new content warrants your attention. I’m also planning to get in a few rounds of Zombies in Spaceland in Infinite Warfare at some point (as I noted in my review, it’s the best part about the new CoD). Also, Cara and Garrett are both playing through Dishonored 2.

What are you playing this weekend? Sound off in the comments below.

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