New 3DS Record – Over 10 Million Pokemon Sun And Moon Sets Sold

It’s only the release day of  Pokémon Sun and Moon here in North America but it has already broken records for the most sold 3DS game. And the European release date is still not til November 23rd. Clearly, the tropical setting of the Alola region, ultra beasts, has appealed to the masses. And with the rumor of the Nintendo Switch getting Pokémon Stars, this is sure to be one of their most successful generations.

Players get started on their journey with help of Professor Kukui and one of the starters, either the grass owl Rowlet, the fire cat Litten, or the water seal Popplio. And they will meet his assistant Lillie who is not particularly fond of Pokémon fighting, but would rather be reading. They’ll also make a best friend, Hau, who has a craving for malasada. Players will even meet Professor Oaks cousin, Sampson Oak who is a regional variant researcher studying the Aloha versions of Pokemon from previous generations.

Players participate in the Rite of the Island challenge. Along the way, there are trial captains who provide guidance. They are Ilima – a normal type expert, Lana – a water type expert, Mallow – a grass type expert, Sophocles – an electric type expert, and Kiawe – a fire type expert. They will help prepare trainers to defeat totem Pokémon, their allies, and each island’s Kahuna, so they can move on to the next island. Two island kahunas have been announced, Olivia of Akala Island and Hala of Melemele Island. Along the way, they’ll also find a battle tree full of talented trainers, perhaps even a few familiar faces from past regions.

It is clear that the new challenges, along with hyper training, the new battle royal format, customizable characters, Poke Ride, Pokémon Refresh, Festival Plaza, an updated Pokémon Bank, the QR scanner, the Rotom Pokedex, and a special Munchlax there is something for almost everyone.
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