Overwatch Proved Me Wrong About PCs – The Fish Tank (Ep. 41)

After our news editor, Garrett Hulfish, had written off this year’s biggest game, he’s had an epiphany. Overwatch is for everyone. Not only that but consoles aren’t the beloved machines he thought they were.

His girlfriend tried out the Overwatch free weekend, and she got hooked. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by anyone, even if they don’t have experience. This is her first foray into PC gaming since the original Doom, yet she controls the characters with ease. She even received multiple “Play of the Game” achievements.

Garrett mainly plays games on consoles and is terrible at Overwatch. Her success literally blows his mind. While Garrett tries to recover, sit back with your evening cup of coffee while you enjoy his realization.

Also, stick around to hear a mini rant about controller design. And if you want to hear more about how their design shapes the way we play, check out Game Maker’s Toolkit.

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