$200 in Value for HTC Vive’s Black Friday Deal

Black Friday will mark the first significant deals to date on both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. While basically all retailers around the net are hosting the same prices, the Micrsoft Store is tossing in a bonus $100 Gift Card if you buy through them – making the best deal online this Black Friday for the HTC Vive.


Whether you’re going after the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR headsets, both have deals at the Microsoft Store. The HCT Vive in particular is getting its first $100 price drop ever this Black Friday, but only at Microsoft will you get the gift code worth $100 in value.

The gift code will be sent to your email inbox (from the purchase transaction) and will be good for anything on Microsoft Store. This means you can apply the $100 gift code towards laptops, Xbox One, games (including some VR titles) or even Microsoft office software (hah, maybe not).

The Oculus Rift, on the other hand, only had a $100 bonus gift code. This gift code arrives via email and is redeemable only on the Oculus Store, where you can use it to buy additional games. While $100 is a nice bonus, its safe to say the Oculus Rift has a “smaller” promotion this Black Friday when compared to the Vive.

While one can argue VR may still be a niche market (within an already heavily segmented market) – its clear that the trend of VR is slowly becoming more mainstream. We suspect as price head down on more involved systems like the Vive (from current $699 special) – we’ll see more VR adoptions as we head into 2017.

Depending on how the Sony PlayStation VR sells in the next few quarter, we just might see even more VR headset deals without needing Black Friday to spur sales.

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