Cars Become an Added Threat In the Oasis of Overwatch

At BlizzCon, the Overwatch team announced that they were working on a new control map called “Oasis” similar to Lijiang Tower, Nepal, and Ilios. It takes place in the Arabian desert at an Oasis but at the same time in a futuristic city founded by scientists. And it was meant to be a monument to human intelligence and innovation. But the developers made no mention of cars at that time.

Cars do not cease to exist in this futuristic city and they aren’t used as payloads here. Rather, they are hazardous fatalities on wheels. Just like in real life or as in a game of Frogger, players will need to look both ways before crossing the street. The map actually looks like a less-cluttered version of Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh with its lit-up skyscrapers, hotel-like buildings, tropical plants, lots of glass, and Arabic writing. That said, there are jump pads that add a vertical element and allow players who don’t fly to fight from a higher ground avoiding death by collision.

Along with this update, those in PTR will see some major changes to Symmetra, including the addition of a second ultimate, an increase in her photon projectors distance, a decreased cooldown on torrents and more. There will also be a minor change to Zarya’s particle barrier. Attacks that deal damage to both a barrier and the target of a barrier no longer damage the barrier twice. Examples of this include Reinhardt’s Fire Strike and Hanzo’s Dragonstrike. Additional Sombra will get “Boop” as a new voice line and the “Stay as team” feature will be added as well.

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