Bethesda Opens New Studio in Montreal

New Bethesda StudioJust when you thought Bethesda wasn’t already having a great year, they announced today in a press release that they are opening a brand new office in Montreal, Quebec. With this new studio, Bethesda hopes to expand their development capabilities.

The head of this new studio will be Yves Lachance, who worked with Behavior Interactive. They are the studio that created the popular Fallout Shelter for Android and iOS.

According to Bethesda Game Studios executive producer Todd Howard, they have worked with many developers in Montreal for awhile now. The company finally “decided it was time to open a studio there.”

Bethesda Game Studios Montreal currently has more than 40 developers between console and mobile development. Even better is that they are currently hiring for both their Maryland and Montreal locations.  You can find out more about availability here.

“It’s exciting to think about the new games we’ll be building together,” Howard says.

So what does this mean for the fans? Well we already know that Fallout 4 launched as an incredible success with about 12 million units shipped. Earlier this year, Bethesda held their first press conference at E3. Here they talked about a number of other games they are working on including Doom, Dishonored 2, and The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Seeing that this new studio is partially mobile focused, it is not unlikely that they will be working on finishing up The Elder Scrolls: Legends along with any add-on content post release. A new studio could also be helpful with both Doom and Dishonored 2 slated to come out in 2016.

Are you looking to get into the gaming industry? Or are you just a fan eagerly awaiting the next Bethesda game? Feel free to speculate the possibilities of a new studio in the comments below.

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