Battlerite Receives A Winter Update on December 14th

The Early Access, team multiplayer game, Battlerite by Stunlock Studios is receiving a winter update on December 14th, which will include a new ranking system, winter themed outfits and weapons, and an unannounced champion.

The game is number one on the list for Steam’s global top sellers, selling over 440,000 copies so far and it has over 13,000 positive reviews on Steam. During its free to play weekend, players spent 58.8 years in-game time playing over a million matches between 264,430 unique players.

The game already has a growing community working on websites like Battlecrank for articles, guides, and forums specific to the game itself, and it even has a busy Discord channel. The game’s dedicated subreddit has over 20,000 followers.

The game boasts 10-15 minute matches of raw arena action, with either 2v2 or 3v3 top down brawls. Not a MOBA in a traditional sense; the game lacks lanes, towers, structures, or minions to level. With two-minute timers in each round, matches end quickly, encouraging carnage-filled mayhem. And its short length adds to its replayability, allowing it to be picked up on short breaks or between other tasks. The game has over nine attacks or abilities for each of its 17 (going on 18) champions, adding to the skill needed. Players are jumping, dashing, stunning, healing, flipping, silencing, and snaring throughout the match and supports can even hold their own taking on bruisers when played correctly.

John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit, stated in a tweet that he would happily cast Battlerite because he really enjoys it.

The first season of Battlerekt has also begun and $10,000 have currently been raised for prizes. Upcoming tournaments can be viewed on their calendar. Additionally, ESL Play has a European server tournament set for the 8th of this month starting at 1pm EST. Other groups that have held tournaments include My Con, the International Gaming League, and the Pro Rivalry League.

The full game will release early in 2017.
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