Super Mario Galaxy May Appear on the Wii U

Super Mario GalaxyFor those who have been clamoring to play the beloved Super Mario Galaxy  on their Wii U, you may just be in luck. According to a new ESRB rating, Super Mario Galaxy has been listed for both Wii and Wii U.

Sadly, this means that we probably will just be getting a straight port rather than an HD remaster. This is very similar to Super Mario Galaxy 2 which was released this past January. Normally, when a title is given a remaster, it receives a separate ESRB rating. Such is the case for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

While we were hoping for an HD release, we are still glad to hear of the release. Super Mario Galaxy is one of the highest critically-rated games of all time. Not only did it mark the return of a beloved franchise, but it innovated it in a way to make something that was both fresh and familiar at the same time. Don’t even mention the witchcraft Nintendo must have performed to create such stunning visuals on the vastly under-powered Wii. Super Mario Galaxy was a game that was a treat to play, watch, and listen to.

If the price of Galaxy 2 is anything to go off of, you can expect to see the game priced at about $20.  This is an incredible deal for incredible experience.  Dust off those Wii remotes everyone, it’s time for an adventure.

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