Battlerite Will Go Free to Play at the End of 2017

Today, Stunlock Studios, the creators of Battlerite, announced that they would be releasing the game free to play towards the end of 2017, after the huge success of their free-to-play weekend.

During the free to play weekend 264,430 unique players participated in over a million matches, racking up more that 58 years in game time. For now, they are expanding the development team and PR staff to take on this task and prepare for the growing community.

Though fairly freshly announced, there already seems to be a mixed reaction from both the game’s subreddit and Steam community. But the current players seem to view this decision in a mostly negative light. Some fear that the game’s hype might die off during that year. Some are upset they paid for Early Access only for the game to go free to play. Still, others are dramatically labeling it as the beginning of the end. Others felt that the beginning of 2017 would have been too early for Battlerite‘s full release, anyway. That being said, for those who want to play before then it is still available in Early Access for the price of $19.99. They also have yet to announce if there will be any rewards for early supporters upon launch, something that is likely.

Stunlock also noted they still have several modifications they want to make before launch and stated that the next update‘s new ranking system and quality of life improvements will have them well on their way. Additionally, the new update will have an unannounced Champion. They also hope to improve their questing system, as well as private-mode and spectator functionality. And they will allow for more detailed profiles. They are also in the process of developing new Champions, arenas, and legendary outfits. They hope their efforts will improve its Esports scene and the game has had several funded tournaments from different groups so far. These groups include ESL Play, the International Gaming League, MyCon, and the Pro Rivalry League. And this season of Battlerekt had $10,000 up for grabs.
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