Smash Bros. Direct Reveals New Characters and Stages

Super Smash Bros.The final video presentation for Super Smash Bros. aired this afternoon. With it, we got three new characters (with amiibo coming), two new stages, eight new Mii Fighter costumes, and a lot of fantastic footage.

Starting the presentation right, we were shown our first new fighter, Corrin from upcoming Fire Emblem Fates. At first glance, Corrin seems like just another Fire Emblem character, but then they showed off what’s different. Not only do you get to choose between male and female variants, but Corrin also has the blood of a dragon coursing through their veins. This means that they have special moves involving his transformation into a dragon. Corrin is expected to be available February 2016.

Next up, we have more details about recently announced Cloud from Final Fantasy 7. The fact that he is even coming to Smash Brosis crazy enough, but they are also incorporating move sets based on his limit breaks.

With Cloud comes a new stage based on Midgar. Based on the footage, this is one of the most visually striking stages in the game. In the stage, there is an item that floats around much like the smash ball. When collected, the player has control over the various summons that can alter the stage and attack the opponents. Both Cloud and his new stage will be released later today.

Finally, we have the new character selected from the Smash Ballot Bayonetta. This is somewhat surprising due to her mature nature, but her gameplay shows that she makes another unique fighter in the roster. Like in her own game, her special attacks involve her summoning beasts for bigger attacks. Bayonetta also includes two different costume variations. You are welcome to choose between her looks from Bayonetta or Bayonetta 2.

Bayonetta also includes another visually stunning stage based on the Umbra Clock Tower level of Bayonetta. It features the falling clock face with various floating platforms that come and go. There are also a number of iconic angels from the series that appear in the background. Both Bayonetta and her level are expected to release February of 2016.

Nintendo has really knocked it out of the park this year with Smash Bros. announcements. With each new character, they have released incredible artwork created by each respective developer. For a look at this art and the full video of the final Smash Bros. Direct, look below.

Super Smash Bros Bayonetta Super Smash Bros Cloud Super Smash Bros Corrin

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