Rocksteady Not Yet Finished With Batman

Rocksteady BatmanEven though Batman: Arkham Knight marks the end to Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham franchise, this may not be the last of Batman we see from them.

In the latest episode of Arkham Insider (posted below), we saw a good chunk of the Season of Infamy expansion as expected. What we didn’t expect was the response creative director Sefton Hill gave when he was asked if this was “the end of Batman for Rocksteady.”

Hill responds, “Well…”

If that wasn’t enough to get your mind running with questions, Gamezone noticed something else when they cut off Hill’s answer. In a split second shot before the feed goes black for a moment, we see Scarecrow’s face as it appears below.

Scarecrow Batman

This could mean a number of different things. In one hand, they could possibly just be teasing more DLC beyond the season pass. On the other hand, it could mean that they are working on something entirely new.

Rocksteady’s Batman:Arkham Asylum was a huge step forward in innovation at the time. It re-invented a combat system we’ve seen copied many times since and it reminded us that licensed games don’t have to suffer in quality.

Whatever comes next from Rocksteady, you can be sure that even at its worst, it will be something great.

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