Mighty No 9 Delayed For The Third Time

mighty number 9 gets hit with third delay spring 2016For backers who have been eagerly awaiting to get their hands on Mighty No. 9, it looks like you’re going to have even longer than originally planned. Already hit with a major delay last year, the game’s release date has been pushed back yet again.

The delay was announced today on Mighty No 9’s official Kickstarter page. Creator Keiji Inafune explains in the post that the delay is due to recent bugs that were found in the online portion of the game.

“However, the issues relating to the network modes were more critical than expected, and it has become apparent that we will need to delay the game from its February 9 release date,” says Inafune. “We have been working up until the very last moment to resolve these issues in order to make the February release, but it has become clear that we no longer have enough time to fix the issues and have everything prepared for release.”

Because he wants to make sure the next release date is definite, Inafune is choosing to wait on giving an exact release date at the moment. Instead, he gives the release window of “Spring 2016.”

Mighty No 9 was originally set to release September 15, 2015. The first delay moved its release to February 9, 2016 (which is why it was on our list of February release dates last week).

For the backers on Kickstarter, Inafune released a heartfelt apology. “For this 3rd delay of the game, we have no excuses for disappointing our fans and especially our backers once more,” he says. “We want to take this chance to express our sincerest apologies to everyone who has looked forward to the release.”

With this third delay, are you losing interest in Mighty No. 9 entirely? Sound off in the comments below — we’d love to know what you think.

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