Leaks Detail Red Dead Redemption Story

This particular leak is from a 4Chan user who has only once before “provided legitimate leaks¬†for various GTA Online DLCs based on internal Rockstar communications (most recently for Import/Export)”. In the typical crass 4Chan way, of course. No post there is decent without at least one insult to the previous poster, it’s a courtesy. Nonetheless, fans are eager to believe whatever hints they can find about the game.rdr2leaks19dec2016219_01

Less exciting, the user simply confirms what anyone can guess – that Red Dead Online multiplayer mode will be “released some time after the main game”. Which is only logical, as the multiplayer is just as vast and intense as GTA Online and it’s popularity would not win the servers any points on a day one release. The user also snidely points out that no one would bother with the single player if Rockstar released the multiplayer at the same time.

The real meat of the leak however, comes from an offhand comment about Red Dead Redemption 2‘s story. Apparently, the game is a prequel, and has multiple playable characters like GTA V¬†does, “the three characters would all be members of the gang that John Marston was a member of prior to the events of the original Red Dead Redemption, however John himself will not be among them.”rd2leak19dec2016258_01

What do you think of this leak? Is it real or just nonsense? Let us know in the comments below!

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