Super Mario Run Gets Ill Conceived Update

Two days after Nintendo announced to Wall Street Journal that it would no longer be updating Super Mario Run with any new content, a new mode was added to Toad Rally. Friendly Run is exactly like Toad Rally, but you can only play it once per day, unless you’ve beaten World One in World Tour mode.smrupdate21dec2016239_01

After that, you can play three times a day. Clear World Two, and you can bump that up to five times a day. There are a few catches, of course. For one, any items, coins, or new Toads you collect will not count towards your public totals. Second, those of us who haven’t bought the full version yet are unable to access the last level of World One, thus Friendly Run will only be once a day.

Though this isn’t really new content, it does sound a lot like Candy Drop in Miitomo. It’s just another way to get you to spend money on the game. Except that there are no micro-transactions in Super Mario Run, it’s a one time cost to unlock the full game. That, in addition to a promise from Nintendo that there will be no new content sounds like some seriously poor business decisions. I don’t think this means that Nintendo is trying to get out of the mobile market, rather that it has absolutely no idea what it’s doing.

What do you think of Nintendo’s blind blunder into the mobile market? Let us know in the comments below!

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