Final Fantasy Creator Working On New Title

In a brief interview with 4Gamer, the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi revealed that he will be launching a brand new title in 2017. We don’t know anything else, not even concept art, but Sakaguchi’s record speaks for itself. He has contributed to Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and The Last Story. His current studio, Mistwalker, has made Party Wave for Android and iOS and Terra Battle.

The interview included about four questions relating to what various Japanese developers thought of 2016. The answers are generally optimistic, as it appears Japan had a fairly different year than we did.

For example, Sakaguchi stated that the NES Mini was, in his opinion, the most impressive tech of the year. As to what he actually said, translation courtesy of Siliconera, as a kind of send off for 2017, “I plan to announce a new title in 2017. Stay tuned!” Otherwise, there are no official announcements from Mistwalker about a new title.

The new title will likely be another JRPG, judging by Sakaguchi’s work history. For those interested, I’m sure it will be as good as you hope it will be.

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