Nintendo Switch Has Limited Quantities For NYC

The Nintendo Switch will be here soon and the Treehouse presentation will be livestreamed tonight, so get your pre-order money ready! If you happen to be in New York, you’ve got to be especially on the ball. According to Nintendo New York’s Twitter, “a limited quantity of pre-orders for the #NintendoSwitch will begin on 1/13 at 9AM while supplies last at #NintendoNYC.”

Keep in mind that as far as we know, the console will be officially released in March and some retailers (thus far, Target and Wal-Mart) have been offering a kind of pre-order. Though I would highly suggest waiting until tomorrow when Nintendo actually opens the door on that. In addition, Nintendo has said nothing about pre-orders elsewhere in the US as of yet, but I’m sure that will change at the presentation tonight.

We’ll be expecting a lot of details from Nintendo, about the console, especially tech specs and details on how it really works. I’m still waiting on more information on the VR rumor, but that’s unlikely to be announced tonight. Games beyond the titles confirms so far, such as Skyrim. Which would be cool and one the headliners to be sure. Any Bethesda game would roll Nintendo into a whole new ballpark of gaming. And of course a proper release date and price.

Will you be pre-ordering the Switch tomorrow morning? What are you most looking forward to in tonight’s presentation? Let us know in the comments below!

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