Mass Effect: Andromeda Morsels of Information Plague Twitter

Ready for more morsels of Mass Effect: Andromeda information? I know I am! In a series of tweets to Lead Designer Ian Frazier more comments were made on multiplayer and crafting abilities in the upcoming space opera.memorsels17jan20171128

The first mentions multiplayer, simply confirming what Producer Mike Gamble said to Kotaku Australia. The question poses “will there be a quick way to jump into MP with friends, then back out to story mode?” and Frazier replies with “yup! And it’s possible to earn sp rewards in the process. :) (mp doesn’t impact sp’s story like in me3, though).” Again, nothing very new.

The next few are to do with the crafting abilities, in which you can officially name your weapons to something badass like “you can craft your own krogan-style hammer and name it GRABTHAR’S HAMMER.” In addition, Frazier has mentioned that the crafting in Andromeda is “quite different” from the system in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I can only hope this is for the better, because I am not interested in spending hours of my game time crafting the perfect weapon.

The last and final tweet is a question posed by another fan trying to confirm information, “so are you saying there are dedicated melee weapons? Do these just replace the default melee attack?” to which Frazier replied with “there’s a dedicated melee weapon slot. The omni-blade you start with is just one (though you can upgrade it).” Which is vague enough to either mean the same thing as previous games or that there might be an option to hack and slash your way through enemies rather than emptying bullets into them.

Do you think these tweets hint to an improved game? What do you hope for in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Let us know in the comments below!

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