Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Gives 10 Hours Before Launch

In a surprising turn of events, a Mass Effect Andromeda trial allows players to enjoy 10 hours of the game before its launch. All progress carries over.

Thanks to EA Access, users will be able to play a Mass Effect Andromeda trial five days ahead of the March 21 release date. That means on March 16, you’ll have a chance to get a head start on your progress.

Of course, EA Access means that you are going to have to pay for that early access. But, if you already have it, this is just frosting on the cake. Sadly, this does mean PS4 owners will have to wait those five days. EA only offers the service on Xbox One. PC owners will also get the chance with Origin Access.

It will be interesting to see how far players can get in just 10 hours. Mass Effect Andromeda will no doubt take much longer. Still, players will have a chance to get their feet wet with some of the new mechanics. Melee weapons and crafting are both new to the series, and we know we’ll be spending a lot of time exploring the new ship The Tempest.

For anyone without EA Access, we highly suggest you ignore the internet from March 16 until release.

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