Competitive Overwatch Players Benched From Event

According to Reddit, Lunatic-Hai, a pro-gaming team for OGN’s Overwatch Apex second season, now has two players suspended for misconduct for the duration of the event.

The team is certainly lucky they’re made up of eight instead of the usual six. The misconduct involved team members Geum “dean” Dong-geun and Lee “Leetaejun” Tae-jun in serious accusations of fan fraternization. It was said that these two young men were developing online relationships with multiple female fans.

The leak apparently came from a few of these lucky ladies, unfortunately for the popular pro-gamers.

Both team members posted extensive apologies to which the team website states that “both players have done something they should not be doing as esports professionals. [Lunatic-Hai] has taken steps to prevent recurrence.”

If you’re thinking this is a little weird and going a little far to punish acts most boys are encouraged to do at a certain age, you’re not totally wrong. From a Western perspective, it is weird, but this kind of breach of trust between fans and celebrity/idol is a very scandalous issue in Korea and Japan. As part of the contract for many young celebrities under the age of around 23, be it of music (idols) or Esports, are not allowed to be caught dating. If they must do it, it is done very secretly and no one, sometimes not even family is to know about it.

There are of course reasons for this, and you can discuss in the comments the ethics of this versus how Western celebrities are viewed and what virtues we might apply to them without realizing it.

However, for now, the game is on and being down two players affects the whole team. Do you think these young men deserved to be punished or is the sacrifice to the event too much? Let us know in the comments below!


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