Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 May Be In Development

call of duty ghosts 2We all figured it would happen one way or another. The next Call of Duty game is scheduled to release this November. The more surprising aspect is that it is rumored to be a sequel to Ghosts.

According to FragHero, the next game in the long-running series will be titles Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. The title was discovered in scans of the British gaming magazine Games TM. As expected, the game is scheduled for release in November of 2016.

When Ghosts released in 2013, it was met with mediocre reviews. While it was a solid game, it was too “copy-and-paste” when it came to game mechanics. Even Infinity Ward, the developer, couldn’t figure out how to promote the game. Their focus on fish that swim away from the player and dog tattoos became jokes on the internet.

Since then, other studios have brought some of the greatest Call of Duty campaigns in years. Publisher Activision has already described Infinity Ward’s next game as being new and innovative. If that is the case, the studio won’t just have to compete with other studios, but with their own previous title.

We never like to see a bad game here, but we know they are an inevitable evil. We’ll be crossing our fingers in hopes of something really great this time around. They were the ones behind Modern Warfare after all!

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