Days of War: WWII Shooter Goes Live on Kickstarter

days of warIt looks like the World Wars are popular again this year. Days of War is a multiplayer shooter that aims at bringing us back to the historic shooters we grew up with.

The upcoming game from Driven Arts has been in development for two years now. While it’s slated for a 2016 release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the team needs a little help to make sure it gets there. Announcing a Kickstarter campain, Driven Arts is asking for just $100,000 to make sure Days of War releases as planned.

Even in pre-alpha, the game is looking impressive. By using Unreal Engine 4, the developers are focusing on detailed environments so that “the only way to gain an advantage over your opponent is a more accurate shot, or a better strategic position.”

In the gameplay shown on their Kickstarter page, you can see lush forests, different weather conditions, dense towns, and more. This is a game where knowing your battlefield is all the advantage you need.

What’s different about this game is that it is only on Kickstarter for its final stages of development. They game will still come out this year, but the extra funding is going directly towards making a better final product. Things like better modding support, custom map creation, and improved stabilization allow you to literally see that you’re getting your moneys worth.

If you’ve been looking for a multiplayer shooter, go ahead and help out Days of  War by checking out their Kickstarter page.

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