No Man’s Sky Release Date Revealed

no man's sky release dateEver since it was first announced by Hello Games, people have been eager to find out the No Man’s Sky release date. Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer.

Hello Games has announced that the long-awaited titles will be releasing on June 21 for the full retail price of $59.99. The game is available to both PS4 and PC.

While some may be shocked by the price tag, we would be more surprised if it was any cheaper. Ever since its first announcement, No Man’s Sky has proven to be incredibly expansive with almost endless potential. You will definitely be getting way more than your money’s worth.

no man's sky release date 2

For you lucky PC users, iam8bit also announced a great looking Explorer’s Edition. The main draw of this edition is the hand-painted, cast metal replica of the ship we’ve seen in all the promotional material. For $149.99, you get the ship, the game, a pin, and a mystery item to be revealed at launch. With only 10,000 being made, we suggest you pre-order one if it interests you.

For PS4 users, you still have access to the Special Edition that’s exclusive to GameStop. In it, you get the game, 48-page artbook, comic book, dynamix PS4 theme, and an in-game “starter pack” to get you going.

Additionally, iam8bit has a number of other merchandise available including a vinyl record soundtrack, t-shirts, art cards, and various posters and prints.

It’s pretty hard not to be excited for a game like this, but with No Man’s Sky release date being only a few months away, we’ll be counting the days. Make sure you’re ready on June 21 by pre-ordering the game now.

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