Nintendo Direct Summary for March 3rd

nintendo direct summaryWith another Nintendo Direct comes a lot of news. Today’s was roughly 40 minutes of game reveals, details, and more. Check out our Nintendo Direct summary to find out what you missed.

First up was a detailed look of the upcoming Star Fox Zero. Most obvious are the graphics and lighting improvements that have been applied to the game. Now the textures really pop with a metallic look rather than the previous flat appearance at E3 2015. Additionally, Nintendo looks to have expanded the branching paths of previous games to make it more replayable.

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Also announced to release alongside Star Fox Zero is Star Fox Guard. This is the final version of the tower defense game Miyamoto has been working on. Both will be releasing April 22.

Various games will be receiving various updates later this year. Splatoon will improve gear abilities to make them more enjoyable. There will also be adjustments made to matchmaking and various modes. Super Mario Maker will be getting many new items. Most notably, are the inclusion of keys and key doors. Finally, you’ll be able to make player collect certain coins,  or defeat a boss before they can progress through a level. This actually adds a lot of possibilities.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games looks to be more of the same. If you enjoy the other titles, you’ll probably enjoy this one too.

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The first real surprise is the release date of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. The gameplay looks as colorful and quirky as ever, but we were not expecting it to be released so soon. You can expect to jump into this beautiful JRPG on June 24.

For a free to play game, Lost Reavers looks like it could be worth investing at least a few hours into. An open beta version will be released on April 14 with the full game releasing on April 28.

The other real surprise is Paper Mario Color Splash. While the series has seen a lot of gameplay variations, we can’t help but love how crisp the game looks. It still looks like there is a lot to be finalized, but you can expect to play it sometime in 2016.

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For fighting or Pokemon fans, you got a good look at some new Pokken Tournament footage. This game definitely looks better each time we see it. It is nice to see that so many Pokemon have such unique fighting styles. Get ready to fight on March 18.

Virtual Console has always been a mixed bag on Nintendo consoles. There are some quality games, but they are only available on some systems and are trickled out slower than most would like. Still, being able to play Super Nintendo games on your 3DS is a nice reveal. It’s too bad that these games are exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Some smaller, new titles were also revealed. Pocket Card Jockey pairs a simplified game of solitaire with a horse racing RPG. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is a sequel to the well-received original. Disney Art Academy brings the popular art lesson game to the world of Disney and Pixar, allowing you to try out different styles and draw your favorite characters. Rhythm Heaven Mega Mix gathers the best mini games from the critically-loved rhythm series and puts them in a single package.

For bigger reveals, we got our first look at Monster Hunter Generations, the localized version of Monster Hunter X. The game looks as beautiful as ever and will surely be a hit for fans of the series. Also announced was Kirby Planet Robobot. This games looks to use the same engine as the previous Kirby title on 3DS, but this time he’ll gain the use of larger robots. These robots will change the way our little hero fights just enough to make gameplay more interesting.

For amiibo fans, it was nice to see the new Kirby line-up. While other characters have appeared in the Smash Bros. series, this will be Waddle Dee’s first appearance as an amiibo. He’s pretty adorable.nintendo direct summary 1We also got an update on some previously known titles coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation is the third part of the highly-rated new titles. Hyrule Warriors Legends will have its own season pass available for new characters and other things.

Bravely Second: End Layer showed off two new classes in this sequel to Bravely Default. The most interesting of the two was the Cat Master. By observing your enemies in battle, you can train your cats to fight using the same abilities. This definitely sounds like a deadly combination of abilities and cuteness.

Continuing with JRPG’s, Dragon Quest VII has been remade for the 3DS and the updated graphics really are a site to behold. You can’t really go wrong with the series.

While we are still unsure about this one, Metroid Prime: Federation Force at least looks to be improving. They said they’ll be announcing more about this title and its art style later this year, so we’ll be crossing our fingers.

Hopefully this Nintendo Direct summary helped to gather all the information you needed. To check out the Direct in its entirety, check it out below.

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