Gametrailers Crew Return As ‘Easy Allies’

Just one month ago, the internet was hit with the terrible news of Gametrailers’ closure. Luckily, the crew has just announced their return in the form of Easy Allies.

In an announcement on their new YouTube channel, Brandon Jones and his team have returned and are looking to bring us all our favorite content. With their new venture comes a new way to support them directly. In a similar way as Kinda Funny, Easy Allies has started a Patreon page. Here you can directly fund them for as little as $1 a month.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to give any amount of money to enjoy their content. That $1 makes a huge impact though. It adds up. If everyone who believed in them at Gametrailers puts in that minimum amount, they’ll be back to their former glory in no-time.

Their starting plan is to have a weekly podcast and daily, weekday Twitch streaming. Because this won’t be able to employ them full time yet, they plan to add more and more as they gain funding. Below is a list of their current goals:

Subscriber Song – $200 per month
The New Couch – $800 per month
Production Equipment – $1,000 per month
A Respectable Gaming PC – $2,000 per month
Mike Huber’s New Show – $4,000 per month
The Return of our D & D Adventure – $6,000 per month
Ian Hinck’s New Show – $8,000 per month
A Second Podcast – $10,000 per month
Reviews Reborn – $15,000 per month
Michael Damiani’s New Show – $20,000 per month
The Return of Retrospectives – $30,000 per month
A New Studio – $50,000 per month

At the time of writing this, Easy Allies has already surpassed $21,000 per month. This means they are almost halfway to their goal of a new studio. If you’d like to support them like we are, please check them out on Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, and of course, Patreon.

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