Sony Smartphone Games Being Created by New Company

sony smartphone gamesA new company, called ForwardWorks, has been set up to create Sony smartphone games. Looks like Nintendo will have some more direct competition.

Based on Sony’s announcement, the new company will focus on “full-fledged game titles.” These titles will use several of Playstation’s most popular titles.

While no specifics were given about when we might see these titles, we do know that the company hasn’t even been incorporated yet. Because of this, we don’t expect much from them till 2017 at the earliest. Currently, it seems as if ForwardWorks is only producing these mobile games for the Japanese and Asian markets. Other markets have yet to be mentioned, but we imagine this will change depending on the games’ success.

This news follows the recent expansion Nintendo made into the mobile market. Miitomo, the first of five free apps in partnership with DeNA, reached over one million users this week in Japan alone. Other territories have yet to have access to the app, but we expect similar success.

What is interesting is that the two companies look to be taking separate approaches to the mobile market. Nintendo is creating apps that will hopefully drive players towards Nintendo hardware and software. Sony looks to be making more standard gaming experiences.

The mobile market is tricky to predict, but we have a lot of faith in Sony smartphone games. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft joins the mobile fight as well.

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