Street Fighter 5 Update Adds New Mode and Character

Next week, we’re not just getting one Street Fighter 5 update, we’re getting two. Looks like the guys at Capcom have been hard at work.

These two updates will bring about bug fixes, the Fight Shop, Challenge Mode, the first DLC character, and free character costumes.

While you are able to purchase the new character, Alex, through the new Fight Shop, real-money cannot be used yet. The rel-money currency, Zenny, will eventually be included, but Capcom has not yet implemented this feature. street fighter 5 updateTechnically, this would mean you wouldn’t have access to Alex without the Season Pass or by earning enough in-game Fight Money. To counteract the issue, Capcom will be giving the character to all players as a free trial until Zenny has been implemented.

Additionally, any costumes purchased for Alex during this will remain on your account. Premium costumes are restricted to season pass holders until  Zenny can be used. If Zenny has yet to be implemented when other characters are released, they will released in this same way.

This certainly makes us wonder why Zenny is causing such issues for the game. With the warning for future characters, it doesn’t sound like a fix will appear anytime soon.

Capcom has announced that Season Pass owners will be receiving a new, free stage later in the year. For all players, Capcom is giving away the Ryu and Chun-Li story mode costumes (worth 80,000 Fight Money) as an apology for the game’s troubles.

Hopefully this Street Fighter 5 update is a sign that Capcom is looking to mend the issues some people have had with the game since launch. We will be sure to let you know about other updates in the future.

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