Shadow of Mordor 2 May Be In Development

shadow of mordor 2Shadow of Mordor was one of the biggest surprises in 2014. Not only was it a fun licensed game, it also had unique gameplay elements that set it apart.

Thanks to a member on NeoGAF, some clues have been unearthed that point towards a sequel being in development. More specifically, the game is mentioned on famous stunt woman Lauren Mary Kim’s Curriculum Vitae.

Kim has performed stuns in many AA movies like Fast & Furious 7, Suicide Squad, and Transformers 4. She has also done work for video games like Bioshock InfiniteBatman Arkham Knight, and Mafia III.

By looking at the last line on her list of Motion Capture work, you can clearly see the incorrectly typed “Shadows of Mordor 2.” It also shows that the work is with Blur Studio. Blur is one of the most famous CGI teams for movies and video game trailers. shadow of mordor 2

While this doesn’t outright confirm the game’s existence, a sequel would not be all that surprising. The first title was a huge success both critically and commercially. The nemesis system that the game was built around created a truly “next-gen” experience. Enemies that you fought against earlier in the game would evolve based on your experiences. Their appearance, personality, and followers are all shaped by how your battles with them turn out.

We are definitely excited at the possibility of a Shadow of Mordor 2. The game would likely leave out the PS3 and Xbox 360, meaning that it can take full advantage of the newer hardware. Hopefully this means that we will be seeing it at E3 2016.

If you missed out on the first title and aren’t sure why we are so excited, we suggest you pick up a copy to try out here.

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