Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – New Expansion Details

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is one of the highest rated games in the franchise. With tons of content and fun, new, gameplay, its no wonder. This new expansion looks to add even more content to the mix.

The new expansion from Activision and Treyarch is called Eclipse. For you lucky PS4 owners, you can expect to play it on April 19. Xbox One and PC owners will have to wait a bit longer thanks to the timed-exclusivity deal between Sony and Activision.

Just like with AwakeningEclipse will included new maps for multiplayer and Zombies. Below is a breakdown of the new maps for multiplayer:

  • Spire – A futuristic airport terminal that floats high up with the clouds. There are multiple levels to encourage a lot of combat. Just make sure you don’t fall off!
  • Rift – This military complex funnels players into a central core. This forces a lot of tight combat. Use the suspended rail system to outsmart the enemies and get away.
  • Knockout –  A traditional Shaolin Temple with a 1970’s twist. Choose to fight either in the open outside or in close quarters inside.
  • Verge – A re-imagining of the classic Banzai map from World at War. Use the bridge, fortresses, tunnel systems, and waterfalls to your advantage.

The new Zombies map is calls Zetsubou No Shima. This continues the story of the Black Ops Origins characters. Things don’t go well at a Division 9 biological research lab. Here in the remote Pacific Islands, experiments are conducted on humans, plants, and animals. This map will include new enemies, innovative transportation, and devastating traps.

If you don’t already have the season pass for Black Ops 3, you can find it here for $50. If you’d rather buy the DLC separate, you can find Awakening here for just $15. Eclipse isn’t available on its own just yet, but it will cost just as much.

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