Harry Potter Deluxe Advent Calendar (2019)

The denizens of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would love to celebrate the holidays with you, but of course, they’re not going to make it easy! A mischievous bunch comes hidden away within this Cube of Calendaring, a new Harry Potter advent calendar that only the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry could design.

The countdown to Christmas begins, and it gives you a new gift every day. From December 1st to Christmas Day, every box contains a surprise treat you’ll love to add to your Harry Potter collection.

Character backpack buddies, pins, and more include memorable favorites like Snape, Hermione, Ron, and Harry Potter, himself. Some miniature figures come attached to a plastic keychain, making them easy to hang on display or swap out on your keyring or backpack depending on your mood. It’s not just the students, teachers, and villains of Hogwarts you’ll get to uncover, but we’re not here to ruin the surprise!

Each day pops open easily to reveal a new Harry Potter gift. If anything, it will make the slow countdown to Christmas feel less tedious. It’s also an easy way to build up your collection of Harry Potter collectibles.

Forget the stale chocolates found in traditional advent calendars. Santa would want you to open something really special as you patiently go through the 25 days until Christmas. What could be more special than a gift straight out of the Harry Potter universe?

The Harry Potter Deluxe Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for the fan of wizardry in your life, regardless of what House of Hogwarts they would be sorted into. There’s also nothing that says you can’t bring this collectible advent calendar home and keep the treasures contained within yourself.

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